Mohammad Asif Atick

//Mohammad Asif Atick

Mohammad Asif Atick

Introducing Mohammad Asif Atick, who is Chairman of Primetech Solutions limited & CEO of HeadBlocks.

He is also performing as the CRVS Core Architect, a project funded by Bloomberg Philanthropy for Bangladesh government, CRVS Secretariat. He is also the Mentor of A2i Mentor Panel.

Atick is the honorable Member of BdItech Question Making Committee, ITEE exam, Japan. He is also a Mentor and Judge of NASA space app challenge.

Previously he worked as Transformation Specialist at BiTS Limited and was Head of R&D at BKash limited.

He was from AIUB 00-1 batch. And again he came back to AIUB in 15-1 for his master’s.

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